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Intra-Company Transfer Program

This program is specifically designed for highly skilled workers who work for a foreign company. This program allows them to move to one of the company’s branches located within the Canadian provinces.

If the foreign worker is working for a company that has a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Canada, he may be able to get a temporary work permit. This program is the first step to getting Canadian Permanent Residency

What does the process look like for ICT

Down Payment/BP

  • Signing the contract
  • First payment (30% of agreed total price)
  • Drafting Business Plan

Invitation and Visa Issuance

  • The main applicant should visit Canada for initial planning of setting up the affiliate company business In Canada
  • Second payment (30% of agreed total price)


  • Submitting the application
  • Third payment (20% of agreed total price)

Work Permit

  • Issuing the work permit for the applicant
  • Fourth payment (20% of agreed total price)